In this novel, Robert Bartsch mixes the creation of the world’s first national park, Yellowstone, into the larger, deeper, and wilder history of Montana: mountain men, gold prospectors, business tycoons, and explorers, lynch mobs, an Indian massacre, and a grueling survival ordeal in the wilderness all swirl and bubble like one of Yellowstone’s geyser basins.
— Dayton Duncan, author of The National Parks: America's Best Idea, Seed of the Future, and four other books on the American West
This story details the trials and triumphs that both plagued and rewarded early seekers of fame, fortune, and prosperity in the 1860s frontier landscape of Montana and Wyoming. Filled with daring explorations of the frontier wilderness, dangerous encounters with Indians, rugged American individualism, mining booms and busts, banking and financial shenanigans, vigilante justice, and an illicit love affair, this novel will capture and seize your imagination with unrelenting western frontier spirit, Montana’s promising gold rush days, and a host of impulses that would lead to the creation of America’s Wonderland: Yellowstone National Park.
— Elizabeth Watry, Western historian and author of Women in Wonderland: Lives, Legends, and Legacies of Yellowstone National Park